General schedules


Season 2018 – FINISHED

Season 2019

– From March 1 until April 7, only Weekends (from fridays at 4 p.m)

– From April 13 to September 8, Open every day.


Temporada 2015



Reception desk – Check-in

– From March 1 to April 13:

Friday from 16 to 22h. and saturday from 8 to 22h.

– Between April 14 to September 8:

Every day from 8 to 23h.

Entrada Camping



Customer Service

– Until 1st March:

From monday to sunday – from 10 to 14h.

– From March 1 to April 13:

From monday to friday – from 10 to 14h.

Friday from 16 to 20h., Saturday from 8 to 20h. and Sunday from 8 to 20h.

– Between April 14 to September 8:

Everyday from 8h. to 14h. and from 16h a 21h.

Oficina de Atención al Cliente


Snack-Bar-Cafeteria (inside the campsite)

Closed until May 17 (*)

From May 18 until June 21: Weekends.

From June 22 until September 8: everyday.

(*) Cafeteria and restaurant service at the entrance of the campsite. Restaurante “Los Almendros II”: From monday to friday from 11:00 to 16h. Friday and Saturday from 11:00 to 23h. Sunday, from 11:00 to 17h. Tuesday closed.




Closed until March 24 and from September 11.

From March 24 to June 17, weekends: Saturdays from 9h. to 14h. and from 17:30h. to 20:30h. Sundays from 9h. to 14h.

From June 23 to August 26: open everyday, from 9h. to 14h. and from 17:30h. to 20:30h.

From August 27 to September 2*: from Sunday to Thursday, from 9 to 14h. Friday and Saturday from 9 to 14h and from 17:30 to 20:30h.

* Check opening-hours from 3 September.




Swimming Pool

Open on weekends from May 18 (Saturdays and Sundays).

From June 22 until September 8, open everyday.






Quiet Hours

From 23h. to 8h.

Among these hours please lower the volume of TV sets and/or radio. And it is not allowed the driving of vehicles and bicycles.