Campground Regulations


– The prices are per day based on the number of overnight stays. The campground day ends at 12:00. There will be a minimum charge of one day and those departing after 12:00 will be charged an additional day.

– Electricity connections must be ordered at the time of registration. All users must necessarily have a (1000V) waterproof cable with grounded plug. The service may only be connected by the authorised personnel. Usage may never exceed the maximum contracted power: 4A (880w), 6A (1320w) or 10A (2200w).

– The physical limits of each unit campground must respected. No object can excel from the same camp unit/plot. Must foresee enough space to park the car. There are a maximum elements allowable to install on each camp unit/plot. If you need more space, you must request permission at the campsite reception. It can be assigned, with the corresponding price supplement.

– In case that pets are admitted, they must be tied up at all times and the guests must take them for a walk outside the campsite to make their needs.

– It is recommended that the use of vehicles inside the campground be kept to a minimum and to a speed limit of 10 km/hour. The use of vehicles for sport, leisure or practive driving of any kind of vehicule, particularly motor vehicles, is not allowed.

– Persons not staying on the campground will not be allowed to enter. Under exceptional circumstances, campers may obtain permission to bring family members and/or friends onto the premises for a limited period of time, depositing the required identification documents and paying the visitors’ fee. Visitors shall leave the campground at the stipulated time and may not stay overnight unless they register.

– Quiet hours are from 23h. to 8h. During this time, guests will refrain from making noise and raising their voices and will adjust any sound and lighting devices so that they do not bother the other guests. Guests are prohibited form driving their vehicles at this time, except for previously authorised emergencies.



– Respect the facilities in general by using them properly and keeping them in condition to be used again. This includes the sites where tents are pitched, ensuring that all land movement is covered up when the camper vacates the site.

– Place all trash in closed bags and deposit the bags in the trash containers provided.

– Campers must have their own individual fire extinguishers, must have a third party liability insurance policy and in case of long stays with caravans must have also an insurance against theft and fire and authorization to use butane or propane gas.



– It is not allowed to start any type of fire at all, with the exception of camping-gas cookers or charcoal barbecues, taking all necessary security measures. To use barbecues must follow the guidelines of the regulations on this activity and its use is always subject to the corresponding fire risk at all times (if doubt ask to the costumer office/reception).

– It is not allowed to hang laundry in unauthorised locations or where i could bother others.

– Tents or caravans may not be left unoccupied on the campsite without the express consent of Campsite Management.